There's no doubting the legacy of Protestant Reformers and their successors. Luther, Calvin, and Wesley not just spawned particular denominational traditions, yet their writings were instrumental in forging a extensively embraced evangelical theology to boot. Ben Witherington wrestles with the various significant rules of those significant conventional theological platforms (sin, God's sovereignty, prophecy, grace, and the Holy Spirit), asking tricky questions on their biblical foundations. Advocating a go back to Protestantism's sola scriptura roots, Witherington argues that evangelicalism occasionally wrongly assumes a biblical warrant for a few of its extra renowned beliefs.

Witherington pushes the reader to interact the bigger tale and plot of the Bible in an effort to comprehend the an important theological components of Protestant trust. The challenge with Evangelical Theology casts latest evangelical trust and practice―be it Calvinistic, Wesleyan, Dispensational, or Pentecostal―in the sunshine of its scriptural origins. Witherington bargains a finished description of evangelical theology whereas simultaneously delivering an insistent corrective to its departures from either culture and textual content.

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